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Chargeable Services

The following services are customarily charged to the requesting department and are considered to be outside of routine maintenance. All work orders are processed and reviewed individually. To request our services please submit a work order request via the customer portal. Indexes are required for chargeable services so please remember to include it in your request. The work order request through the customer portal replaces the IDTs. IDTs will no longer be accepted to process your request.

Indexes and Fund Administrator approval are required before work can begin. When requesting event services you must also complete the Event Survey prior to work being scheduled. If you do not complete the survey, we can not fulfill your request. Fund Administrator approval and the event survey will be sent via email after your request has been reviewed. The department may be charged for labor and materials needed to accommodate their request. Any work performed outside of Physical Plant's normal business hours, 7am-3:30pm, will be charged. Examples of chargeable services are listed below.

  • Department requests for building or structural alterations. Physical Plant must always participate in building alterations on campus.  
  • Relocation of furniture or equipment that is not part of a permanent improvement project funded by a capital account. 
  • Relocation or installation of electrical outlets, lighting, HVAC, & HVAC control systems per departmental request. 
  • Non-routine installation of special window treatments, such as blinds, shades, plantation shutters, draperies, valances, etc. 
  • Painting–other than routine maintenance or graffiti removal. 
  • Carpet or floor tile cleaning–other than routine maintenance. 
  • Hanging of pictures, plaques, signs, banners, etc. 
  • Installation of shelving and cabinetry that is not a part of a permanent improvement project funded by a capital account. 
  • Door lock changes, re-keying of locks or cutting keys per departmental request. 
  • Rental of specialty equipment from Facilities Management or outside contractor

***Work performed for Auxiliary Services is chargeable.***

***Facilities Management does not repair, service, or replace departmental equipment or property. We also, do not assemble or disassemble furniture nor do we handle IT equipment. Facilities Management will not dispose of State property. You must engage Central Stores and Warehouse.