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About Physical Plant

The Physical Plant is located at 133 Calhoun Street across from Marion Square. The department is responsible for keeping all College of Charleston operating systems in good repair; making the campus a comfortable, safe and attractive place to learn, live, work, and play; and responding quickly to the emergency repair needs of the campus community. We take our responsibilities very seriously and have updated this website to include important information regarding reporting emergencies, placing requests for maintenance work, requesting additional services, etc.

Please take a few minutes to review the information outlined on this website to learn about what Physical Plant does and how our work force is structured.  We have posted a section on Emergency Procedures and a Frequently Asked Questions page for your convenience.  Please read the Services section carefully as it provides the information necessary to submit requests for routine, non-chargeable maintenance services.

Furthermore, additional services are available through Physical Plant to assist with non-routine building maintenance. Such services may include moving furniture; delivering, setting up, and removing tables and chairs for special events; installing new light fixtures, ceiling fans, and hanging pictures and bulletin boards.

When planning events, it is important to remember that Physical Plant has a heavy workload and work requests should be submitted in ample time to allow coordination, equipment rental, or contracting of services when required.